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Mulawin VS Ravena August 3 2017

Watch Mulawin VS Ravena August 3 2017 Full Episode

Mulawin VS Ravena August 3 2017. Mulawin vs. Ravena is a Tagalog fantasy television series created and produced by GMA Network. It is a sequel to the fantasy series Mulawin televised in 2004 and the 2005 film, Mulawin: The Movie starred by Richard Gutierrez, Angel Locsin and Dennis Trillo. It premiered on May 22, 2017 starring Dennis Trillo together with an ensemble cast succeeding the season 1 of the Philippine fantasy TV series Encantadia.

Among the original cast members, only Dennis Trillo and Miguel Tanfelix reprised their roles from the original series and movie as Gabriel and Pagaspas respectively. The series was directed by Don Michael Perez and Dominic Zapata, the same team who developed the original series.

It is not a retelling-sequel or requel of Mulawin unlike Encantadia, but it comprises the continuation of the stories, affairs, and the aftermath which includes the additional generational characters and the origin and ancestry of Dakila, the founding demi-god of Pugad Lawin kingdom in Avila, in Mt. Apo of the mortal world. It also emphasizes the difference of Avalon, the mountain of Mulawins in Encantadia, and Avila in Mt. Apo, the mountain of Mulawins in the mortal world.

In the beginning, birdmans lived, migrated, or departed in two realms; human world and Encantadia. Avalon, is located in Encantadia, where another “Puno ng Buhay” of the Mulawins and their nest shelters are situated. While Pugad Lawin kingdom of Avila, is located in the highest peak of Mt. Apo in the mortal world where almost all the events will happen and occur: In the human world where almost all of the mortal species settled.

Mandarangan (Supreme God) and Sandawa (goddess of Nature and guardian keeper of Mt. Apo and Balasik) had three offsprings: Magindara, who becomes keeper of the domain of water; Lumad, protector of the domain of land; and Dakila, guardian of the domain of air.

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