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Haplos August 3 2017

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Haplos August 3 2017. Haplos (lit. Caresses) is a 2017 Philippine romantic fantasy drama series to be broadcast by GMA Network starring Sanya Lopez and Rocco Nacino. It premiered on July 10, 2017 replacing D’ Originals on GMA Afternoon Prime block, and also aired worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV.

Haplos is about Angela, a young lass with an extraordinary capability to treat others through her caress, and Gerald, Angela’s hardworking and successful boyfriend. Whilst; Lucille, is a cunning, vicious, ruthless, selfish, and ambitious woman, Angela’s half-sister and Renato’s bastard to his mistress, who has the capability of hurting others through her caress, Angela’s opposite. Mercedes, the evil mother of Lucille, will push her daughter to sow evilness in the world. Forces of evil and good are on havoc.

Haplos August 3 2017

GMA Pinoy TV is a Filipino television channel incorporated in February 2004 by GMA Network and its subsidiaries, GMA International and GMA Worldwide Inc. It was launched in 2005, primarily in Japan and the USA, as a 24-hour international Filipino television station. The channel is targeted towards overseas Filipinos and their families in the Philippines. The network airs shows produced by GMA Network. Drawing on programming from its flagship station in the Philippines, the network’s programs can be seen worldwide.

The programming of GMA Pinoy TV consists mostly of shows from the Philippines from GMA Network as well as previously aired shows, documentaries, films, and sports events from the Philippines. The delay of GMA Pinoy TV’s dramas all air on one-episode delay basis. Most weekend shows are up to date, with the exception of some shows that air on a one-episode delay basis.

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